Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What?! Seriously... What!?

Just as an aside based on the creation of posts, a behind the scenes to the magic that is Realising the Dream!!

We have all had close encounters of the Microsoft kind, that handy green line to inform us that we are writing complete garbage and yet the options provided to fix the issue seem somehow unrelated to the problem: we’ve all been there. But whilst writing up my latest post I saw a doozy so bizarre that a screen print was necessary. Now I am aware that my ‘A’ should be an ‘a’ but beyond that the problem appears to be that I am missing a capital.

So, What? I repeat, What? The heck is Word trying to suggest as a resolution:

Mr Gates…. 'Youhaven't' What is that!? Eh?


  1. LOL I love it when you can pick out error of this sort!!!!

  2. Can't see a think in the world wrong with it...I "haven't" got a clue


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