Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Getting it Under Control...

Well, the holiday is truly over as we trek back into the world of what needs to be done to the farm. Especially since we now have a countdown!! Everything seems to be going well with the selling of our property though, no big discoveries or problems that are going to cause to much issue. We still have a 'For Sale' sign out the front but it did take us three weeks to get that so I guess we shouldn't hold our breath for the 'Sold' sign! I decided that a check list was in order to try and keep track of what was needing done and what had been done. When you start writing it out in a big long list it starts to look like a mammoth task.
So with the magic of technology I have created a nice little Check List to keep my mind straight and you guys in the loop of all the things that are needing to be done before we move in:

Remove and Replace window surrounds in both bedrooms
Remove and replace floorboards in both living areas
Fit new kitchen
Treat woodwork and roof space for woodworm
Have electrics re-wired (& add new sockets)
Order more fuel for central heating
Swap boiler for hot water from immersion to the combi boiler on the central heating
Plumb in new shower unit (and build shower unit)
Plumb in new white goods in the kitchen
Fit security lighting
Strip Wallpaper in Kitchen
Decorate Kitchen
Strip Wallpaper in Living Room
Decorate Living Room
Strip Wallpaper in Master Bedroom
Decorate Master Bedroom (as it is as current
Strip Wallpaper in Kitchen
Decorate Kitchen
Strip Wallpaper in Hall
Decorate Hall

Somewhat large isn't it! And this only includes the stuff that we need to do before we move in, not all the stuff that needs/should be done in the near future!

Well we have had several people round to give us quotes on the work that will require professional help ie. the woodworm treatment, damp proofing and electrics. We are still awaiting a quote from the electrician and a visit from the plumber to take a look at the work being done. We are happy with the woodworm guy's quote and so will be looking to get him started on the work, however it may not be until mid October before he can make a start, although he reckons it will only take a day to complete the work.

We are really wanting to get the electricians quote and are quite surprised that it has yet to arrive, there is a possiblility that the quote has ended up at the farm rather than our house. We want to get the electrician in as part of what he was going to be doing was making a hole in the ceiling, to get into the attic (at present there is only a tiny hole as we have ne attic space, if you put your head and shoulders through the hole your head would be inches from the apex of the roof!). The woodworm guy needs to get into the roof so he needs the hole made by the electrician. We also need the electrician to re-wire the kitchen before we can get working on fitting all the new units.

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  1. mammoth...but exciting....the dream is on it's way to reality!!


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