Wednesday, 30 September 2009

McMillian Cancer Research - Coffee Morning

As many people across Britain would know last Friday was McMillian Cancer Research's Nationwide Coffee Morning, and our office took part. For those unaware of the scheme essentially people and places all over Britain hold a 'coffee morning' to raise money for cancer research. This can be a whole office (like us) making cakes to sell for (in our case) £1 for cake and a coffee, or even a street all meeting at someone's house for coffee and just making a donation each.
The effort from our little office was amazing and we raised nearly £300! I was so taken aback by the sheer volume of cake that people had baked, or bought, to give to the cause! I am definately caked out! I made an Orange Sponge with Orange Cream Cheese topping (pictured) but there was Clootie Dumping, Flapjacks, cupcakes, tea loaves, fruit loaves, crispy cakes, muffins and those little marshmallows with a smartie on the top (I call them TopHats) and so much more!
We also had a small book stall with 50p for a book and a raffle with donated prizes. It was a good day, not sure how much work got done but there was definately plenty cake eaten!!


  1. glad you supported the cause...and had a nice work day to boot!!!

  2. I wish there were more and more people like you who are doing their own share "one cake" at a time to make this world a better place to live in.

    Carry on!

    By the way, I used to work with one of those International development organizations based in UK until I decided to go freelance.
    I lived in London for sometime so boy am I glad our paths crossed at least virtually.


  3. That's really great!it's definitely a good thing to be involved with:)) kudos to you and your office mates!


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