Monday, 21 September 2009

Harvest Time Down on the Farm

While we were away on holiday we had the field cut and sold. We didn't do to badly price-wise even though we were late for the harvest. Dad managed to catch a few snaps of the field just after it had been cut. We are thinking that next year we may rent the field out to a local farmer to put calves on. He has shown interest in this prospect but we have yet to really talk it through with him.

There has certainly been a lot of work going on outside at the farm with large areas being cleared in readiness and the gardens prepared for the work to be done. We are considering that the pond may have to be moved from where we had originally planned to the otherside of the path.

It does feel a bit, one step forward two steps back at times but we are slowly moving forward, even if that path is sometimes getting longer!


  1. That sounds like progress to me! Wouldnt that be great to have little calves and cows in your field?

  2. don't give will all be worth it!!


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