Thursday, 24 September 2009

Anyone See A House For Sale?

Nope, me neither!

For everyone that was wondering what happened with the people who came to look at our house while it was in a total state, you know, the ones from this post CLICK HERE.

Well, the day before we were leaving for our holiday in Florida we had just dropped our cats off at the cattery for their holiday when we found a message on our battery power lacking mobile, from the solicitor asking us to give us a call. We dreaded what this might be, we were going on holiday tomorrow and didn't need any problems.

But we were to be very, very plesantly surprised. That couple, the one and only viewers to the house who stayed all of 10 minutes had put in an offer over the offers-over price! We said 'Yes, yes, yipppeeee yes!'

We were obviously going away for two weeks but we found that the buyers were quite happy to wait. This means that the deadline for everything at the farm is now 13th November, or as we worked out, the weekend before (as we can't get time off on that week to do the final move).

This makes things very exciting and was a great start to our hoilday!


  1. OMG! That is fantastic news!! Congrats on the sale. You must be so happy!

  2. congrats to's so nice when things work out!!


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