Saturday, 18 July 2009

Corn Disaster

Well, we almost had a terrible corn loss in the house today. The corn plants of 'Sweetcorn in a pot' fame have grown seed heads and poked out their heads ready for pollenation. So I thought, I know, I'll put them outside in their pot its raining too so they will get some nice fresh rain water and a chance to pollenate by wind or bug or whatever. Whatever method it is it is going to be better than what I can manage!!

Well all looked well and they seemed fine. Went off out (to the cinema no less) and when I returned I had my own four stalk crop circle! Completely flat! One stalk had completely snapped off. Well, I thought the end had come and that operation 'Sweetcorn in a pot' had been tragically cut short... but... upon checking them they appeared fine (apart from Bobby the stalk who was snapped off), it was the darndest thing, they were horizontal but the stalks hadn't broken and they hadn't bent, it was like they just grew sideways!? Can't describe it, wish I had taken a photo! But they are now propped back up and I have stuck Bobby in the soil, he might grow roots, he might die, he might just sit there but I felt a duty to give him a chance! So the sweetcorn for the moment appears saved but I will keep you posted on its recovery!!

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