Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Specialist Report

Well, we got the Specialst Report through on the house. We already knew the outcome, of course, as the solicitor had already been informed and has let us know. But it was good to actually get the quote and the problems in writing. Essentially, one of the upstairs bedrooms and a section of living room is needing to be treated for wood worm. They don't think there is much damage so far but of course its best to catch it early. They also want to add some chemical dampproofing to the living room and part of the kitchen. This will involve them removing and replastering the walls but that should be fine and was included in their quote.
We are lucky with the work that needs to be done as it can all be done before we move in as we will most certainly still have our house on the market at that point.
We headed off to look at the farm once again this past weekend and we are still loving it, I even got some more ideas (WAY before I should be thinking about them but it is difficult to stop!). There is an area of land to the side of the property that could be easily fenced off to form a small paddock, too small for a horse but plenty big for a couple of goats or sheep. This would work on various levels, first - I want a goat!! But second this land is essentially waste, its covered in weeds so you have the option of leaving it, but that isn't very attractive or maintaining it, which seems like a lot of work to OH who complains about mowing the small lawn we have at the moment. So by putting some critters on it you get the best of all worlds! See, country life is ALL about compromise!

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  1. Good luck with the keys - doesn't look so wild though! Goats are social animals - get two - one would never be happy....


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