Friday, 24 July 2009

A Walk Around Our Gardenings..

Thought I would take you on a tour around the current vegetables and fruit that we are managing to grow in our 'no flowerbed' attempt at self-sufficency! Well, possibly not self sufficiency, but we are trying to get some produce from a garden that needs to be transported!!
Lets start at the front of the house with our 'Toms in a Basket'. We decided that we would attempt to grow tomatoes in a new way this year. Our greenhouse blew down so we had to come up with new idea so we bought a trailing species of tomato and are growing it in a hanging basket at the front of the house. It is making a great display and will hopefully give us a good crop.

The sweetcorn is doing fine after its confrontation with the wind. It has been producing flowers and looks great. Having never tried growing sweetcorn we have no idea how this story will end but it has been looking good so far and plenty easy to do so even if it doesn't go as planned it is something that we would be keen to try again.

The strawberry pot is looking good and we are getting a few strawbs off but not as many as we would like but it is doing fine for carrying them to the new place. We have managed to keen the slugs at bay this year hich is the most important thing.

We got some runner bean plants from my mum and they have been doing great guns in a pot on the decking out the back. There appears to be a rogue dwarf bean in there too which is quite happy with its runner bean pals. The plants have already started to give flowers so hopefully there will be a load! My mum is an expert at runner bean growing, a couple of plants and she has POUNDS of beans! I will have to get her to write a guest post on the blog about how to grow a years supply of beans from your pots at home!

So I hope you are all being as successful at your veggies in pots gardens and I will keep you up to date the the 'growings' on!

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