Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Planting Out - Roses

There had been a sale on in one of Farm Mum's plant catalogues and she had decided that this was a great opportunity to increase her flower stock. I had a peruse through the catalogue myself and spotted a selection of climbing roses that I knew would come in very handy around the new garden - in particular around the new vegetable patch. I am calling it a vegetable patch but am hoping to make it a nice place to just go and sit, so some inspirational colours and scents can only enhance that!

I love roses and was unable to bring the ones from our previous house, the time of year when we moved I was too worried that the shock of digging them up would kill them and I would rather that they stayed and where enjoyed than risk them dying! So it was a perfect time to re-acquaint myself with some roses.

They were delivered bare rooted and were all ready for being planted out. There were four different ones in the pack, all the same "type" but a nice selection of colours and styles. Farm Guy Dad had brought down some bags of horse manure (he lets out some of his fields for livery) so the roses all got a nice dose of this in the newly dug hole and around them once they were in the ground.

Three headed to the vegetable garden but one was kept (the white one, called - Iceberg) and planted in a nice deep pot by the back door, perhaps I can convince it to grow up a cane and give a nice display to the visitors.

I am hoping that they have a good scent on them but there are so few roses now that do have a scent that I may be unlucky, guess I will have to wait and see!

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  1. be sure to post some pictures of the beautiful blooms when they come out...I hope they all flourish well!


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