Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Potato Patch

We finally managed to make a start on the potato patch! There isn't a 'completed' photo as we haven't managed to finish it! The going was heavy to say the least. As our vegetable garden is being 'reclaimed' from the Mother Nature, we are essentially having to dig out a field. This is the lat of the big beds this year. We hadn't meant to leave it so late - trying to do the digging when the weeds weren't present, but with so much other stuff to do it has been put off and put off and we are paying the price.

This picture shows it about half done (maybe a wee bitty less). It took us 5 hours to get to two thirds done! We may get it finished during the week, but work beckons, if not it will be added to the ever growing list of things to do this weekend!

Farm guy did most of the work as I was busy over here....

The pea tyre, in the background, was looking a bit sad, so it got some nice horse manure, yum yum. But the major project was to prepare the bean tyre. Mixing up some nice compost with a bit of horse manure.. do you see the theme? We have sacks and sacks of horse manure and no horse.... Farm Guy Dad has his own farm and lets out a few of the fields for livery, so he is always good for some bags of horse manure! This will get the runner beans and possibly some trailing cherry tomatoes - we are getting 9 plants from my mum (who deserves a blog name - Farm Mum! Ta Da!). Yes we like to for nice even numbers like 9! The tyre will need to wait until next weekend as the beans are hardening off at the moment in our little plastic greenhouse, they were spoiled beans, growing in the living room on a nice warm window sill, so they need to get used to real life!

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  1. the tyres look great...and I'm sure your beans will love their new home.

    As for the digging..I totally sympathise as I was I am in the same situation with my new plot of land...it will all be worth it in the end!!


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