Monday, 12 October 2009

I Ache For...

...a really good reason! This weekend was the time of 'The Pond'. We currently have a pond at the old house and therefore have some fishies who also need a new home. So it was necessary to create them a luxury abode! So we headed to a aquatics specialist and chatted about pond installations and chose a pond for us. It looked huge. We couldn't get it in the car but as my dad was arriving on Sunday with a big estate we left collecting it until then.
So Saturday became Step 1: Remove Turf. Start with this:
End up with this:
To do this stage you will require - Solid (and soon to be muddy) boots:
And a nice new one of these:
On Sunday we returned to pick up the liner itself. Now if you are buying a pond don't be put off by the size compared to the size of your car. We didn't think it would get in, it was bigger than the car! But the salesman assured us it would go in and ... it did! So I recommend giving it a go, else we would've had to have paid for delivery! We went for 750L, which is bigger than our other one, but we thought the fishies deserved a treat - might even get them some friends next year! Once you have dug a hole, which takes a long time after you find that after 2 inches down the ground is just sand and stones! You get something that looks like this:
See that lovely pile of sand on the right! Nice!
Then you need to back fill the hole, adding water as you go. You let the pond settle itself and then pack the soil in around. This took nearly as long as digging the hole in the first place! We used our time to sort out and move some lillies that needed to be thinned and re-homed and also to shift some of that turf you can see piled up all around!
So where's the final result, I hear you ask? Well, by the time we finished it was pitch black and the photos didn't come out so you will have to contain yourselves until we get back there, which sadly may not be till next weekend, we are bit players in a wedding this week so there are a lot of preparations to be made.
Other developments are taking place and once I get more from the workforce (my dad) i'll let you in on it! But for a quick re-cap we have completely fallen out with one electrician and have gone with another, who starts today. The plumber comes in on Tuesday and the kitchen gets delivered today! WooT!

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  1. sounds like your keeping busy..can't wait to see the finished pond...oh and enjoy the wedding!!!


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