Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Garden...

This weekend was a good one again. Got plenty done! Saturday saw us driving to a Plumbing Supply store to get a parts list for our downstairs bathroom. We were to get a list then give that to our plumber and he will attempt to get a trade discount on the parts for us... what a nice man!
We drove all around the industrial park looking for this shop, with the sat nav handily announcing every few yards "You have Reached your Destination" or "Turn Around When Possible" - thank you for your valuable input! Me and the lady in the Sat Nav rarely get along!
But we made it in the end and got our suite sorted out, it was chosen for function rather than style as it is likely to be changed in the future as we expand the house. We also managed, on that day to get one hair cut, two wedding presents, some bulbs and plants, pond sizes, look at greenhouses and go to the cinema. Not bad as all this took place between three different towns!
Sunday was seen at the farm. But before purchasing a nice big American Style Fridge/Freezer, that's getting delivered next week!! People at the house were working inside and out. My work involved turning this:

Into this:

Not the worlds biggest difference but there are four bags of bulbs all planted for next spring in there too! My favourite bit was the two old chimmney pots in the garden that look pretty good with their 99p Lidl Chrysanthemums!! There are another two chimney pots around the back of the house, slightly different design to these, but will still look good wherever they end up.

Afterwards it was time for lunch, sitting at the top pf our field looking at the view!


  1. I know the flower bulbs will be just beautiful next spring.
    We have one of those big freezers here and I love it! We've had it for over 20 years and it has paid for itself many times over on savings from the grocery bill.

    I love your view and the looks of your lunch!
    Have a great day.

  2. I love the chimney pots...great idea and a real conversation piece...can't wait to see what else you do!!

  3. Those chimney pots are fantastic. And even tho you cant tell right now, all those bulbs will be beautiful in the spring.

    Hey. Are those bbq chips? I heart bbq chips.

  4. Those are indeed BBQ crisps!!

  5. Did somebody mention Jaffa cakes?

  6. Chimney pots and porcelain kitchen sinks in gardens are my favourites. Alas, our garden is more ordinary, though our runner beans ran rampant in late summer.


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