Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pays Not to Pay!!!

It pays to shop around! The fabby fridge that we ordered... well, "Soon To Be Farm Guy" did some searching around - don't ask why we didn't do this before we ordered it... blown away by its magnificence we were... Anyway, he discovers it for significantly cheaper online, pretty much everywhere was selling it cheaper than the shop we bought from! Then he discovered one of the sites (a high street store) was having it a "12-Hour-Buy-It-Now-And-Save-A-Bucket-Load-Buy-Buy-Buy" sale and we could get even more off plus free delivery!

So we raced back to the shop we bought from to cancel the order, trains not withstanding (but that's another tale!). Understandable they did their best with plenty "umm-ing" and "err-ing" and "we can match that" and "let me ring for authorisation" but in the end they couldn't match or beat it nor could they break our resolve to get our money back!

Then it was back to the old Interweb to place our order for the same fridge (two week later on delivery but who cares) for the grand saving of... ready... £350!!!

That's (patter of tiny feet to currency converter) (patter back again) *phew!* $562!

So, my advice is, shop before you buy and, I know it's a shame and we should support the high street store, but prices are still lower on the web! If it had only been a few quid we would probably have taken the hit but for this kind of money, and us needing every penny, we just couldn't ignore it!

So what did I do with the money? I was allowed loose (well, slightly less reined in) in the direction of soft furnishings - WOOHOO!!!! Farm Guy had also discovered (which I will add to my "goodies for you" section) that old Argos was doing a sale on rugs, a pretty decent saving, 75% off so I got a couple of rugs for the living room and possibly the bedroom! - lets hear it for!

While on the subject of money saving and Argos, may I recommend, for UK persons, the National Shopping Monitor. You scan your shopping every time you buy something, return your receipts and they give you points. Every 10,000 points equates to £10 in high street vouchers or give the money to charity - various redeemables, its up to you what you do with it. The points build up fast (example: every week you scan you get 1000 points). You get points for receipts, bonus points each year, points for scanning and then they have other things like surveys which will give you points should you choose to fill them in. I have never been bothered with spam from them nor from other companies as a result of them and have been with them for several years now. I have had so much 'free' stuff with my vouchers, they are great for little gifts to yourself, extravagances you don't usually allow (like rowing machines!). I have given the best link I can, a search maybe better, oh and so you know this isn't some paid advert thing, I just think its pretty cool!


  1. I always shop definitely pays...and lets face it with the economy the way it is if the high street stores supported us more then maybe we would keep supporting them!!!

  2. Well done on your whopping saving!! That's a HUGE variance in price!

    Hope you enjoy spending the rest of your change!


    PS Nice fridge freezer, BTW!!

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  4. good for you guys! Being frugal is the key. I know it hurts a little not to support Local store, but in today's economy we have to save-save-save. I love playing"how low can you go". Hubby plays it even in the local stores. He is even playing it with our Solar Purchase,lol.

  5. We don't struggle with going for cheap deals online. We have bigger problems about quandaries like - organic non-local food or non-organic local food? Now we're thinking of getting a car and the issue is - buy second hand on existing fuels or spend more on a hybrid created with the environment in mind. Tricky choices!


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