Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How the Kitchen Progresses...

So the weekend saw the kitchen being blitzed. Farm Guy and Farm Dad set into fixing up the kitchen. As you can see it was a bare shell at the start, and somewhat full of crap!

So first things first, clear out everything that we don't need.
There, that's better:

After getting the first cabinet in, the one in the corner it was easy for Farm Guy and Farm Dad to start putting in the other units:

Then its time to get the wall cabinets up. This was not as easy as they first thought, only took them two hours to get it on the wall!! But it is up now and looks good!

So what was I doing while they worked away? Well, remember the liner papered corner, behind the fridge?

Well, I set to work painting it! Yes, still from behind the fridge! So now it looks like this:

Big fridge, isn't it!?

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  1. hey it's coming along great...bet you feel proud...lol on the 2 hours to attach a kitchen cabinet to a wall!!


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