Friday, 20 November 2009

When The Cat Went Up the Chimney...

Our cat Monty featured in such posts as: Cartoon Cat & Upside Down Cat is a scaredy cat in the perfect sense. He is particularly bright but his first reaction with anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, is to run away. He runs away and then immediately turns back and goes to investigate the new thing, this includes his mum (me), his brother, cat food tins, strange paper bags and whenever Farm Guy stands up. This has got him in many scrapes, including being stuck up a tree, locked in the shed and in the attic and under the bed. In his latest exploit the scary-thing was one of the tradesmen, come round to collect his pay.
Farm guy answered the door and dealt with the monetary issue (I spend, he pays!! :O) ). He then came up the stairs to where I was laboriously painting the bedroom wall.
'Think Monty's up the chimney' says Farm Guy 'He's completely disappeared.'
We both troop down, while I think, I have no idea how to get a cat out of a chimney! Luckily we arrive in the living room to see what is now a completely black cat emerging from the chimney asking what the fuss was about. Phew!
Monty was given 24 hours to clean himself up (which he didn't, Monty isn't into personal hygiene) so I just had to wipe his face and neck cos I couldn't bear to see him looking such a state: although admittedly he didn't look much better after his wipe down!

At least he's black and grey now rather than black and black!


  1. Maybe he just wanted to make sure that Santa would be able to get down the chimney alright!!

  2. oh poor Monty...I'm sure he thought there might be something exciting up there...or maybe he just wanted to help out in the new house and so decided to clean the chimney for

  3. Good job he didn't get stuck!! I don't know how you would get him out again.

    Thanks hugely for the award btw, will post about it shortly.

  4. snort!! What a great story. I love Monty. :-)


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