Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Still Without Connection...

I hate not having the Internet at home! It means I cannot share all the photos I have taken! My plan for getting them up failed: but I have another! So bear with me! Until then you will have to put up with this horrid “Update” graphic... ah well!

I guess you all wanted to know whether or not there was news over the weekend, well there was, but nowhere near as exciting as I was hoping! We had discussed the possibility of getting a pickup truck for the farm, so Farm Guy and I headed over to a local used car place to take a look at a Ford Pickup. It was good, we liked it. It was pretty old but we figured that it would do for our needs but the question we had to ask ourselves was did we really need it Now. There are certainly jobs around the farm that could be helped with the presence of a truck of some kind but were there enough of them at the present moment to justify the expense of buying, insuring and taxing a third vehicle? So, after much deliberation, and a bit of sadness (I’ve always wanted a pick-up) we decided against it, for the time being. It was probably the best bet we have more pressing matters to attend to…

Like decorating, we got the bedroom finished, just needs the carpet properly fitted and the woodwork round the window done and we can rest easy. (I do have a photo and I will post it as soon as I can!) Just the kitchen and second sitting room to do… and the bathroom and the main living room… and the hall… will it ever end!? We are getting a wardrobe next weekend however, and there are even murmurings about a deep freeze!

Down in the garden I finally got round to releasing the strawberry plants from their transport tub and got them into the ground in their new bed. I also got round to planting the rest of my garlic... so, so far our self sufficiency extends to Strawberries and Garlic, if anyone knows a recipe involving both of them, please let us know!! (Again, photos to come!)


  1. I know how aggravating it is when the internet is down. I have satellite internet and if the weather is bad the internet doesn't work.

    You will get your pick up in due time, it is wise to not get what you don't really need at the moment.

    Sorry, no recipe for garlic and strawberries!

    Thanks for the award.
    Have a great day.

  2. The garlic you can just eat raw ..it combats colds you know...and hey why not just experiment...how about a strawberry and garlic relish??? sounds like ti could be interesting..lol...don't worry about the never ending decorating..just take it one room at a time...and when anyone comes to visit..offer them a cuppa and a paintbrush..lol

    As for the pick up you have my sincere commiserations. I have always wanted a 1950's Chevrolet pick up truck and never got one so I know just how disappointed you feel!!


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