Monday, 2 November 2009

Such A Long Time!

Sorry there have been no posts recently! I have been unwell for the last few days and that, coupled with all that is happening on the farm, time has been short. But fear not, I am still around and I have much to tell.

As you can see from the countdown we are into our last week and as of yesterday we had no shower and a half finished kitchen. Farm Guy and my Dad spent around 6 hours yesterday installing the kitchen cabinets - it is actually beginning to look like a kitchen - there will be a proper kitchen update tomorrow - your first glimpse at the kitchen as it unfolds! We have decided, after a plasterer failed to show up to discuss what we needed, to do the minor plastering in the kitchen ourselves, and have also decided that the bedroom doesn't need plastering anyway, so we may be able to get stuck into that this week - but probably next. The rest of the plastering can wait until we have moved in and we can get it done porperly. We seem to have the whole (old) house still to pack even though we have packed loads of boxes already! You never quite realise the crud that you have collecting until you try wrapping it and fitting it in the car!

The bathroom has a nice new toilet and sink but, as yet, no shower (or floor, but has gained a huge hole in the wall! - nice!), we hope that will be there in all its glory by next weekend! Bathroom update on Thursday!

The Electrician has to return today to wire in the Immersion heater and then, for the first time, there will be hot water! Oh Yes! No more boiling kettles for warm water to wash mucky hands!

Sunday night will see the report on the move, plus plenty photos and, if I have done my maths right, will mark the 100th post for Realising the Dream. I am quite chuffed that without really trying the 100th post ties in with such a big event! So, I will see you all again tomorrow when the kitchen semi-completion unveiling takes place!

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  1. glad you're feeling better now...fingers crossed that all goes to plan over the next week!!


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