Thursday, 23 December 2010

Let me introduce..... the bathroom

Right, well this is the bathroom completed... well, completed kind of...

They guys hurried as much as they could, so we could have a bathroom for Christmas, but they still wanted to do it right so the floor and side of the bath still need grout and the end of the units are getting a better finish, they decided (and where right) that the finish that came with the units were crap so are coming up with a better finish.  There is a bit of plaster work to be done on the walls (that blue bit) and the whole thing needs a scrub!  There is one floor tile still needing put down and where the pipes meet the floor on the radiator and towel rail are to be tidied up.  The bath needs a second sealing (after the grouting) but has been done enough so we can use it all over Christmas!!  Woo Hoo! 

Again the photo looks dark but it isn't as dark as it appears and it will be even lighter.  What we  ourselves have left to do is paint the walls, stain the woodwork and put in a better light fitting, it is just a bare bulb at the moment, and put up a blind!  It's good to finally have something that resembles a bathroom now though!!


  1. It looks fantastic...and what a lovely christmas present for yourselves!!


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