Tuesday, 7 December 2010

S'no Thank You!

On Monday we had to take Farm Baby to a hospital appointment (nothing serious) so we set out in the morning on our 20 minute journey. The snow was light and the sun was shining. After 5 minutes we hit slow moving traffic and the snow was so heavy we could barely see. The traffic turned to a crawl and the motorway lanes disappeared. We decided to abandon the motorway and head through the town, bad move. It was like Dr Zhivago. We gave up as we watched yet another person slide back down the hill ahead. We headed home....

6 Hours later we got there!

I didn't go out today...


  1. I know the feeling...hopefully the thaw will come soon...we haven't had snow in 4 days but the solid ice is terrible!

  2. Yep! Monday was the day from FROZEN HELL on the roads!! What a nightmare eh?! I had stranded family and friends all over Central Scotland! It was chaos!!So glad you didn't get stuck for hours with the little one! :S


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