Thursday, 14 January 2010

Baking Out Those Blues - (Blue Hands That Is!)

When its cold outside and you need a little pick me up nothing says 'It's Okay, your toasty now' better than food! While we were battling with the frozen pipes over the weekend I decided that the troops needed some pick me up so I set about making some Black Forest Muffins! I had intended to make them before Christmas and all the ingredients were in the cupboard waiting, but I never seemed to get round to it!
It was somewhat hard going as 'Use butter at room temperature' didn't quite work out as the recipe intended, seeing as the house was colder than the fridge at the time, but perseverance and 'whisking by the fire' paid off and the mixture finally resembled something close to muffin mix! I only had small muffin cases, not much bigger than cup cake cases, so they weren't the huge chocolate fests I had originally intended but they where certainly tasty. Only two remain of the 10 I made, so the masses must have approved as well!


  1. Ugh....we were battling frozen pipes this past weekend as well. Of course, we didn't realize they were frozen until after 9p.m.! These look scrumptious!!

  2. they look about the recipe????


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