Friday, 22 January 2010

Making a Curtain - Part One

We have discovered that one reason that our house is so cold is the fact that there is a draft coming in from the front door. This is not an old door, it is a brand new PVC affair that should be fine. But it's not. We have decided that the best thing to do in this case is to create a nice heavy curtain and cover the problem. We don't tend to use the front door, it being a farm, most people enter form the farm yard side, so there isn't a thoroughfare of people coming and going. We decided it was cheaper to make our own curtains and so bought some material.
Sable helped with the laying out of the lovely striped blue material on the living room floor.
She however didn't hang around to help me pin the thermal lining on the back! Now just for the record I have never made lined curtains before so this is all new to me, so if you are an expert curtain maker please look away now....
All I had to do now was sew the pieces together and then it was time to think about how to hang it!!
So now I have two projects on the go, one quilt and one curtain!!


  1. It's looking like a very fine curtain to me...I hope you figured out a good way to hang it!!

  2. The curtain looks good to me! Sable did a fine job of helping.
    I am sure you will come up with just the right way to hang it. Farm folks have the best ideas, don't they?

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