Friday, 8 January 2010

A Tasty Find...

How do you find those blogs that make you go "Hey, I gotta keep up with this"?

Most of the time I sneak a peek at other people's Favourite Blogs List, heck if someone else likes it then odds are it's a good one! Of course there is spotting those who leave comments on your own posts, a polite return visit often uncovers a multitude of fabulous information and stories. And then there is the comments left by others on some of your personal favourites. This is where I discovered my newest Blog to the list. The comment was left on an older post on a blog I read regularly. There was nothing special about the comment itself, no insights, no family history stories just a politely written compliment on the blogger's post. But something about that comment made me click on to find out who this person was. And I was rewarded with a great blog - Life At Cobble Hill Farm - I have been reading through all the archives recently and only become more glad that I clicked that link!

I know it must have been fate as I had just bought a special offer of Buy One Get One Free Blueberries (that's punnets not individual Blueberries, although I guess it amounts to the same thing!) and was looking for something to do with them. A recipe greeted me at Cobble Hill Farm, a recipe that I attempted that very night, a recipe I will certainly do again, a recipe perfect for my newly aquired Blueberries! (See picture)

My husband decided that cream was the way to go when eating it but I thought it was amazing on its own... want to know how to make it? Well then, head on over to Cobble Hill and get the recipe - Blueberry Oven Pancakes - you will not be disappointed!

I love finding a new blog, especially ones about the country life: reading about others exploits, trials and experiences is always inspiring and always gives me plenty to think about! It lets me see other things happening that maybe I cannot achieve myself (for example some of the great fruit you guys grow may struggle in Scotland) but it still gives me the drive to do what I can with what I've got.

So thanks guys for all your inspiration!

And get on over to Cobble Hill - they're making pancakes...


  1. thanks for the link...I will be sure to check it out..the tart looks great so I now hope my blueberry bushes produce fruit this year!!

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful write-up. We really appreciate it. And so glad you liked the pancakes!! I forgot to mention that these are "chicken approved" too!!

  3. Or someone submit an entrecard ad, you check the blog, because you don't accept nasty ones, and you find it very nice.... :D


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