Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Making a Quilt - Part Two

For the next stage I decided to continue with the chopping up and rebuilding of the little/large squares. Here is my army of little squares all ready to be stitched and pressed. I discovered that I seemed to have a lot more of one fabric than I did of the others. Hence the reason all the little squares are laid out here. I was concerned that if I just picked at random I would end up with a square at the end which was all the same fabric!! I did mess up the combinations once or twice, particularly when the cat chose to 'help' and came skidding across the table on a fabric sled!!
I know that I am supposed to 1/4 inch seams and I am not an expert on the sewing machine. So although my machine has a mark for 1/4 inch seams I had to add the addition of some electrical tape to mark the line all the way down!
This might look to you like the handles for a table football game - but you'd be wrong! It is a state of the art fabric location and separation device! I had cut the strips that I was going to use for the blocks of colour and they needed sorting so I got them in the right order!

Soon I had a centre of little squares with a border of block colour. Just needed to sew all those little squares on the outside!

The borders took sometime to cut out as I was still working with my tape measure as both measuring and straight line drawing device!! It was also at this point when I wondered if my block fabric was perhaps a little fussy, but it was still nice fabric so I was happy enough!!

Making Quilt Part 1

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  1. wow..it looks amazing...so now you have an entire piece of cotton fabric...hows it going to become a quilt??? (Please don't call me thick..lol) I have started...(and I use the term VERY loosely) trying to crochet...it's fun but not as straightforward as I first though...oh well...perseverance is the key!!


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