Monday, 18 January 2010

Making a Quilt - Part One

After watching a half hour show with an amazingly excited woman making quilts on Rural TV I decided that that was something that I needed to have a go at! Now I have never made a quilt before in my life so I had no experience but I did know how to sew two pieces of material together and I do know how to look up information videos on the Internet! So nothing was standing in my way!

I headed to eBay and got myself some pre-cut squares in nice shades of purple. We are thinking purple for the living room so this should fit in perfectly! I found some nice 6 inch squares in a range of purple patterns (30 squares in total). I came up with my pattern which was basically, some in the middle, then a block colour, then some more squares, finish with another block colour.

But me being me I don't do things by halves so I decided it would be better to cut the big squares into small squares and then sew them back together as multi-coloured patches. Now bear in mind through all of this my entire kit for cutting material consisted of a tape measure, a pair of scissors and a pencil (HB I believe!). But soon my big squares were little squares and I began the process of sewing them all together into big squares again.
First I sewed them into pairs....

Then into squares...

I did manage to pick up a few tricks online about pressing seams into a kind of pinwheel shape so that everything lies flat. i did find out though that you have to be sure to do them all the same way, otherwise things get a bit weird!!

Once my big squares were sewn up I sewed them together and behold....

The centre panel for my quilt!
Tune in again for the latest update...


  1. Wow - good for you! I've often thought of trying to make a quilt. I'm so proud of you for not just thinking about it but also jumping right in!

  2. it's looking good..not sure I would have had the patience to cut the squares and make more sewing for myself though, that was a very brave approach!!


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