Friday, 2 April 2010

The Finishing of the Living Room Floor

With Christmas out of the way we decided that the time had come to get the living room floor finished. We had decided that to keep things simple, and because we liked the finish of the Dining Room, we were going to do the Living Room floor as treated boards.

First things first, we needed to do was to lift the old carpet. It was exceedingly grubby and smelled pretty bad. The only thing for it was to take it down to the skip. This proved a bit of a laugh as the gap in the top of the skip was smaller than the carpet was wide. We tried pushing folding and even tried Farm Dad in the skip pulling!! Eventually we tried jumping on it, that got it in... kind of.... just walk away.. act casual.... casual... now RUN!!

The floor underneath, as you can see, is two shades, the lighter stuff are the new boards that Farm Dad had to replace because of dry rot, wet rot, woodworm, you name it they had it. The darker boards are he old floor boards. We were seriously hoping that after Farm Guy got the floor sander on them they would come up the same.

PHEW!! They did! The floor looked pretty good after the sanding and so it was my turn to get in there with the varnish. We used the same stuff as in the Dining Room.

And I don't know what you think but I think it looks pretty good!!


  1. wow what a transformation...they look excellent. One of the things I don't like about my house being quite a new build is that I will never have the chance to do this...I really envy you the luxury of natural wood...and it looks great, Well done!!

  2. It looks fabulous. Great work.

  3. Yeah, we were really pleased how well they came up. We were a bit worried, they were very old floorboards, some probably as old as the house! But after a sanding they looked almost new and the varnish helped bring out the grain... so Farm Guy is pretty pleased with himself!

  4. I have great admiration and am often envious of people like you who have the motivation and the will to do something like this. To me, it all seems just too difficult. And yet, I wish I too could be motivated and inspired like you.

    I have watched the English series (can't remember the name) of people building or renovating houses and the transformations in the latter case have been nothing short of stupendous. But so it would seem have been the budget blow-outs, delays and derailments. And while I can only guess at the amazing sense of accomplishment when it's all done, I'm sure it must be all be worth it.

    Meanwhile I often dream of an enchanted little dwelling nestled somewhere in some verdant green forest in Scotland and dripping with ancient lore that I might call home :)

  5. It looks beautiful!!! What a wonderful "new" floor!


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