Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pledge Your Veg...

On one of my trips to the supermarket I was again drawn to the magazine aisle and towards the gardening magazines... do I need more? Nope. Will I buy more? Yep!
Well, whilst I perused this particular magazine i saw an advert for a scheme that the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is currently running. The Veg Pledge.
The basic concept is to encourage people to get growing by asking people to make a pledge on which veg they will grow. If you are already growing then just pick the stuff that you are already growing, or are going to be growing! Your details will be placed on a Pledge Map - although you can opt out of this - and your veg pledged is added to the nationwide totals.
There are no expectations - no crazed RHS Heavy will call demanding to see the veg you pledged, nor do you have to send in photos or anything else, it is just a chance to get together and see how much veg (and fruit) is being grown in the country!
There is the option to sign up for a newsletter, to get gardening advice and competitions etc, but you can opt out of this without worry.
The list of vegetables and fruit is limited (in fact it is only the top ten in Britain) so for seasoned gardeners out there many of your tasties will need to be missed, but it is a nice way to get a feeling of 'group growing' particularly for those non-allotment growers who rarely see another veggie grower face to face!
If you are interested or want to know more get on over to the RHS Website and see who in your area has already signed up then decide if you want to Pledge Your Veg!!


  1. I think if I get some time at the weekend I will take a look at this...thanks for sharing!

  2. There seems to be a few of these pledge schemes running at the moment. Garden Organic are running the One Pot Pledge. I haven't looked at the RHS pledge site, but the Garden Organic one looks quite good, with information and help and tips.


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