Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Plants of the Farm

There has be little blogging going on, as you know, due to our fascinating Broadband Extravaganza, but that doesn't mean life has stopped here at the farm. I have been planting seeds, only a few as we are trying to concentrate on the house not the garden, but I couldn't not resist having a few around the place. The living room window has become my little greenhouse and (as you can see) the little seedlings are doing well.

The big bruisers in the middle are my Peas, I will grow a few more of them so I get a bit of succession peas going on, but these grew SO fast I was unprepared!

Closest to us are Peppers. I am impressed that they grew at all as they sat there a long time and then proceeded to go mouldy! I tried a desperate attempt to dry them out by sitting them on the radiator then giving a little water and low and behold up they came! Three cheers for the Pepper plants!!

Right at the back, looking straggly are the Tomatoes. I have never tried growing tomatoes from seed so we will have to see what comes of that!

The other plants that deserve some recognition are the Fig Tree (which is on the left here) and the Kiwi Plant. These guys went through some hard times when we moved, Kiwi in particular got squished by a box. The pair of them decided the best thing to do was to shed all their leaves and look like sticks in pots for the past 3 months or so. But being left to their own devices (except the Kiwi seems to attract the cats who try to dig it up ??) they have both recovered and are trying their best.
The Kiwi was supposed to give fruit in its first year, but I am not sure if it will with all the drama it has had in its short little life. Again, another one to watch!!


  1. Good luck with your seedlings. I'm trying to succession sow peas too so that we are able to harvest them continually through the season.

  2. hey...looks like your seedlings are doing well. I tried a kiwi once but nothing ever happened with it..I'm thinking now I should have given it more of a chance.

    On another note...with your new layout it is difficult to read comments left and to find the leave a comment link.

  3. We are getting ready to put our seedlings in the ground today. Had a wonderful rain last night so am hoping they take off and grow!

  4. HI, thanks for the comments tip! I alwas forget about the idividual pages. I think I have made it a bit better for the moment, i'll have to give it more time...

  5. I am interested to see how you do with you fig tree - something I have always fancied growing but was concerned about whether it is warm enough here.


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