Thursday, 15 April 2010

Realising the Dream Gets An Award... or Two!

Realising the Dream has been given two lovely awards from Mamma Kerr - check out her site for all things Family Frugal and Fun!

As always I am going to pass these awards onto the blogs that I am most enjoying at the moment and ones that I think you just HAVE to take a look at! But first there are further rules, I have to tell you 7 random things about me..... hmmmm..... prepare to be AMAZED...

  1. I can wiggle my nose (not side to side! Up and down!!)
  2. I was born in Dundee, Scotland
  3. I have flown a helicopter
  4. I am NO GOOD at abseiling!
  5. I have a Psychology degree (specialising in Animal Behaviour!)
  6. I once worked in a Hairdressers!
  7. I.... umm ... Wish I Could Be, Under the Sea, in an Octopus' Garden, In the Shade... ?

Now down to the good stuff, handing out of the awards...

Cold Antler Farm - I have only recently found this blog and I am hooked. This blog covers so much from the author's moving to a new farm and raising her animals to her music. What I love most is the style of the posts, her way with words is captivating.

Crosswinds Farm - Another lovely farm blog who is currently in the middle of lambing season! Always plenty of cute pictures and interesting stories.

On the Way to Critter Farm - One of my favourite blogs for inspiration! Every post written makes me think 'One day! One day that will be me!' Always plenty of posts and photos and her love of her animals shines through every one!

Life at Cobblehill Farm - Another wonderful inspirational blog here but if you want another great reason to go there.... the recipes.... say no more!!!

Life on a Southern Farm - there are always so many videos on this blog! You can imagine, as I do, living in these wide open spaces.. definitely another for my inspiration list!

Allotments for You - As always I have to include Allotments 4 You. This is a never miss on my blog reading list. For anyone out there who wants an allotment, and can't, then get some voyeurism in with this blog - great!!

The Good Life - this blogger left us for a while, but now they are back... and with a new twist.. These posts always make me laugh, a brilliant way of writing - always entertaining!

Thanks to everyone for their great blogs and for making my lunchtimes very amusing!
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  1. Thanks for the award....I am very happy you received it and then passed it on to me....I will sort it out later xx

  2. Congratulations on your awards. I enjoy finding new blogs to read so I will check out the links.

  3. Thank-you so much for the award! It may take me awhile to post some things about myself since I am up to my eyeballs in lambies right now!
    PS I don't know why I didn't have your lovely blog linked to mine, I will do so! : )

  4. Congrats on your awards - you guys have come so far and are doing such fun and interesting things (*love* the cat cam - ha ha ha)! And thank you for passing an award on to me - it makes me smile to know that you enjoy reading about what's going on in my world. We may be physically miles and miles apart, but it feels to me like our hearts and dreams are in very similar places!

  5. congrats Rosie! Thanks so much for the award, we really really appreciate it. I'll have to let Clyde and the "girls" know, although, this will probably have Clyde strutting around the coop again. :)


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