Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The finished changing bag...

I have finally finished the changing bag. And I am very pleased, although Farm Guy has said it isn't the most manly bag for him to carry when he is out on his own with Farm Baby! :O)

I incorporated all of the aspects that I have learned with my practices.

Double pocket on the front, one the perfect size for my pocket diary!

Not the best inside pocket but a double inside pocket and a nice pink zippered pocket.

I also made a little tiny version to keep her dummies together and handy, it attaches to the strap of the bag - or anywhere I suppose!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Getting in about the crafting...

As the garden is so cold and sad at the moment and there is very little to chat about, I have been busy in the craft room. My main aims have been improving my techniques in various things but my main project this last couple of weeks has been making a new Changing Bag for farm baby.

I researched and researched all the different designs out there and all the different pockets, positions of pockets and tied it all together with what I liked and disliked about the current changing bag I have - a free one from Boots!

A trip into town saw me spending a fortune on some lovely fabric, but then chickened out of using it without some practice attempts.  I wasn't sure what I was going to use for my practice material but an impromptu trip to the local car boot sale resulted in a £3 purchase of some old blinds and curtain material I had what I needed for some practicing. 

My first attempt was with some curtain fabric.   I gave it a flap closure as I liked the idea of hiding all the pockets and things within.

Easy to access pockets on the front.

I wanted an internal zippered pocket and as I had never done this before I was glad of the chance to practice.

I also tried out some fancy edges to hide the internal raw edges of my pockets.

Although i liked my bag I wasn't happy with the proportions and I also wanted to try a bit of elasticated pocketing inside and out as this was something that I wanted on my final bag.  So, after unpicking all the stitching on a roman blind from my car boot buy.  I set out on bag number two.  It was more square and I think I like this one better, shape wise.

Again the front pockets.

An elasticated pocket on the edge on the outside for holding a drinking bottle.

Internal stretchy pocket.

Had fun with the sewing machine's fancy stitching to give this bag a bit of excitement on the flap.

All in all I am happy with my practices.  I have now bitten the bullet and started with the expensive fabric.  

I made these two bags relatively quickly and without much difficulty.  Of course, as soon as I got the 'real' fabric out it has all started to go wrong!!  

I shall update you once the official bag is ready.