Thursday, 19 April 2012

Chicks A-Plenty

About a week ago I discovered a hen showing signs of broodiness. I set up her own little area of the pen and successfully moved her and her five eggs across. She has since been sitting well but I am glad that she also appears to be looking after herself, coming out to eat and drink and stretch her legs. I hope that is a sign that she is going to be a good sensible mother.

Fingers crossed for the 2nd of May, that's the expected hatch date, - ish!

We have also opened up the top paddock to our hens as it is dog proofed. Unfortunately it wasn't totally chicken proofed as last evening they had got through into the neighbouring field and couldn't get back. Some chicken round up was required.

I have been out today in the rain trying to chicken proof the area. Hope it should be okay now!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Easter All

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend whatever you got up to!

We had a lovely day out on the Saturday with family. Picnic at our local park with lots of food. A walk for farm Dog. Playing on the swings and see saw and a trip on a miniature railway for farm baby and grandad!

I took a shot at making some Easter cupcakes for the day out. Creme Egg ones and marshmallow sheep! They came out better than I expected, my decorating skills aren't the best! They tasted pretty good too!

Farm Baby also got a new dress and sunhat for Easter. I just managed to get them both finished in time, just seemed to keep running out of stuff or the various machines breaking down!

A great day out, tiring and enjoyable!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How did I miss reporting on this?

Don't know how I've been able to miss reporting this news.

Our main aim with our extra land was to rent to people for their horses, as you will have read before we had the stables put in just this side of Christmas. Well we got our first renter a month ago but we still needed to add a field shelter to the field. So Farm Guy was on the case. He started building the thing from scratch and working on his weekends. It took him four weeks of weekends but it finally got finished.

I had thought I should have taken photos as he was going along but hadn't. However, Farm Guy was more on the ball and had been photographing as he went. So the following picture walk through are courtesy of him.

Adding the featherboard walls


The start of the roofing


Coat of protector and finished!