Meet The Animals

When we started our farm life dream we had so many ideas about what we wanted to do, what we wanted to achieve and what needed to be added in order to achieve it. A big part of our lives had to be the animals, what is a farm without a few animals!?
Rocco and Monty
Monty and Rocco
When we moved we only had two cats, Monty and Rocco, who, moving from the big city couldn't believe their eyes when they arrived and have since turned into the perfect farm cats.
Hen and Chick
Spot the Baby
Our first animally addition were the chickens. We have Welsommer chickens mostly, with a few whatonearths as well. Head of the breeding department is 'Mummy Hen'. She is our Silkie cross and is a great mummy! She has since recruited our donated Bantam Hen, Custard.

Our chosen dog for the farm is an Alaskan Malamute. We got him as a pup. Meet Apache. We were looking for a good sized breed as an intruder repellant but also something family. He's great. He adores the kids and isn't beyond a woof or two at passersby. He and the chickens don't mix well but that U.S. Easily controlled.

Shetland Sheep

We have a group of Shetland Sheep who will be supplying us with sellable lambs as well as meat and offering there services in ground clearance as well.







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