Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Extension on the Outside

I've given you a peek inside the barn extension but I guess you might like to see what's been happening outside!

This is what will be the new 'front' of the house, the side that will give us all the views!  From left to right, the kitchen door, which is a stable door style, the French doors off the family room and the very end (behind the stepladder) is a set of mini French doors which are off the guest bedroom.

You can see on the gable end, above the kitchen door, where our wonderful builders matched the hap-hazard style of stonework when rebuilding the gable end! Love it!

This is a picture of the only wall we actually had to build.  Before it was two garage doors, but the stone masons did a wonderful job matching the stone and style, after a bit of weathering it'll be tough to see the difference!  These windows are the cinema room!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Work Begins in Earnest

So long since my last post but by gum things have been steaming along!  We have been painting and decorating like people possessed.  We needed to have all walls prepared and painted by the time the carpet fitters came in so never has so much paint be thrown around!!

We have been saving good money on paint though! We got £200 worth included when we bought our kitchen, so that did for the kitchen and dining room walls.  Then thanks to the joy of Nectar knits, which we got from buying the kitchen, the paint for the family room was halfway paid for!  Then some vouchers from a shopping monitor deal-io that we do has taken money off too! Hurray!

The flooring is proving the most problematic however, with this laminate flooring stuff you are supposed to start in the far right corner of your room and work right to left.  However, due to time restrictions and the fact the floor had to be underneath the big stove we had to start in the left and work right!  This means the boards are awkward to fit... Ho hum!  It is looking good though and we are happy with it.

Once we had the floor down throughout we were very pleased and raced to get the sofa in position!  Very comfy, although there is still a lot of decorating going on roundabout as you can see!