Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Extension on the Outside

I've given you a peek inside the barn extension but I guess you might like to see what's been happening outside!

This is what will be the new 'front' of the house, the side that will give us all the views!  From left to right, the kitchen door, which is a stable door style, the French doors off the family room and the very end (behind the stepladder) is a set of mini French doors which are off the guest bedroom.

You can see on the gable end, above the kitchen door, where our wonderful builders matched the hap-hazard style of stonework when rebuilding the gable end! Love it!

This is a picture of the only wall we actually had to build.  Before it was two garage doors, but the stone masons did a wonderful job matching the stone and style, after a bit of weathering it'll be tough to see the difference!  These windows are the cinema room!

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