Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Work Begins

I can't believe it has finally arrived! Since we moved here we have dreamt of extending into the barns. Looking at them everyday and imagining what it would be like! We have waded through acres and acres of paperwork, signatures from here, checks and tests from there, it has all been leading to this!!!

I can't wait, it's a 14 week project and we will have, essentially, a new house tacked onto the side of our current house! We will be upped from two to five bedrooms, a new kitchen (old one becomes a laundry room) a family room (old lounge becomes reading room), two new bedrooms, bathroom and cinema room.

I have been looking at decorating ideas already! Maybe a bit ahead of the game as we currently don't even have a roof! But it's tricky not to! So many possibilities and so many great ideas out there!

It's going to be a life changing build, we have never been able to have people over for meals as we had no where to eat, unless you want to eat off your knee in the living room! We can't have guests to stay overnight unless they sleep on the floor or in the caravan! Farm Baby is getting to an age where I want the norm to be eating at a table and in the living room as a treat rather than the other way round! One of the spare new bedrooms will double as a playroom for her too, so her little life will be better because of that too!

The photos below show the progress so far, we had to lose the downstairs bathroom, (the wet room) which was removed today, this will be knocked through into the new open plan dining room, kitchen and family room.

The roof of the whole thing is coming off and being replaced, that's the other photos.