Thursday, 5 November 2015

Turkey Shed - Part The Second

Turkey Shed
The Now Upright Turkey Shed

There's been a bit if a pause between Turkey Shed updates. This is mainly due to the weather. We managed to, after my last post went out, get the four walls up and, as we thought, secured.

How wrong we were!

We weren't able to continue work the following day, so it had to sit for two days without a roof. Then the wind came. Although we weren't that convinced that it was that strong a wind, our morning trip to see the animals proved us wrong. The front and one of the end panels had fallen down outwards. Part of me wished all four had fallen down, just for the comic value of that photograph!

Luckily nothing was broken so we popped them back up and secured them properly. The roof needed re-felting, so while I took the Tinys on the most stressful Halloween outfit shopping trip ever! (Don't ask!), himself put the felt on.

Once I got back, and littlest Tiny went for a nap, we managed to lever the roof into place and secure it.

With the roof on and all the screws in place this shed is going nowhere!

We hope.

And I know what you are thinking, looking at that photo. How do you open the door? It's true, the shed fitted exactly in that space we made. But the plan is to dig out a 'channel' to the door and put in steps going down the hill.

We also need to lay a concrete floor and after doing some calculations we realise that we'd be better getting our sand from a builders merchant and have it delivered. So, that's next on the schedule.

The Turkey Shed continues..