Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quick Update...

On Friday our little hen emerged with a second chick. I made a check of her nest while she was away and there was some sad news. 

 It appears that the third egg was broken, it must have been only a day or so before, and the chick inside hadn't made it. I suppose it is possible that the fact one chick came early meant there was a lot of movement in the nest that the other two could have lived without in the final stages.

However, the two survivors are doing well and mum is very proud (and, yes, so am I!) They are good little learners and she is a great teacher. Pecking lessons have commenced and both chicks appear to be excelling! 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Meet the Newest Farm Member

This afternoon marks a momentous occasion for the farm and it's chicken stock. Our broody hen has hatched her first chick and our farm's first animal birth!

She was sitting on five eggs but is down to three now as she discarded two over her sitting time. This chick arrives on the twentieth day of sitting so hopefully we shall see the others come along tomorrow. Even if we don't she is still our little hero hen.

So far she is seeming to be a good mum, protective but not overly so. She is letting the chick explore whilst still keeping an eye on it and helping it scratch and peck.

The other hens are very interested too, there is much queuing along the fence line to take a look at the new arrival and mummy hen seems happy to show off her one man brood!

Fingers crossed for her other two eggs as we go into tomorrow.