Thursday, 23 October 2008

Its All Stopped..

Yeah, i know, there hasn't been a post on here for ages and that is due to the fact that we have hit a snag that we, and the rest of the country, weren't ready for! This bloomin' credit crunch fiasco. We don't think it is viable to move at the moment, although we might pick up a bargain! But as our move half depends on the selling of another property, in fact two if you include the fact our house will have to go too, then we can't think about a shift until that is more likely!!

I have to admit this gets me down slightly, as too does the fact that we are having to move further away from our families. I mean it's not like we are emigrating or anything but the idea was to be closer to parents. But the Gods have chosen that we should move further away, probably adding another hour or more onto the journey time.. hmm...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Stage is Set

Well, it looks like it has been decided, we will be heading over towards Glasgow! Farm Guy to Be just got offered a new job, still in Glasgow, but in a better place so we will need to be over that direction. Which isn't too bad as both the places we have spotted so far have been in that area. We would also have the option I guess of Loch Lomond direction or over the other side, towards Ayrshire. It is not where I had in mind first off but I believe that I can work with what I am given and as long as it is in a nice area I know I will be happy with it.

It kind of makes things seem more likely, more real. He is obviously very excited, as am I (and our parents!!) But this job will offer him more stability within the workplace allowing us to make more permenant future plans, in terms of not only moving and my dream but also in terms of family life.

There is still much waiting on the cards but it looks like things are slowly falling into place. He was nervous at his interview and thought he had messed it up but as I always say
"If it is meant to be it will be" so that is how I intend to look at finding the perfect place, as soon as we can begin looking!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Another Possible Property!

Nothing can stop me looking!! I know, I know we haven't got the money nor the time at the moment but I just need to know that there are properties out there that are suitable! If you can't keep dreaming what can you do? This one is a bit further away from Glasgow and as a result is MUCH cheaper than the last place. At least this means we have some idea how far out of the bigger cities we'd have to go in order to find the kind of property we are after in the price range that we can afford!! Although this property is a bit higher than what we had oringinally been considering.
This is definately another property with a lot of potential. It has the outbuildings that I would want to convert to rooms and the house itself is huge which allows for family and visitors. And I just love the kitchen! You can't see in the pictures but it has a HUGE range cooker!! I would love an aga but this is the next best thing! It'll beat that tiny little shoebox of an oven that we have at the moment!! Christmas dinner in our house is SO well organised you wouldn't believe! Once the turkey is in the oven there is only room for one other tray and it has to be so low in the oven that everything on it takes twice as long to cook!! They say kitchens sell houses.... and they're right!!

I think I aught to make a check list of all the things:
  • I'd LIKE the house to have, and
  • All the things the house HAS to have.

Then each property we look at we can check them off and compare them that way! Likes aren't as important as Has Tos but they are the deciding factor in two Has To houses that are the same. If that makes sense!? Makes sense to me!!

D also likes this one, which is a bonus, obviously. As this venture will be my baby it is important that we find somewhere suitable for me but also somewhere that he is happy. This is one reason why we decided on having rooms outwith the main house for guests to stay in. To avoid them being in our home.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Property Ideas

We are still not it a situation to actually be seriously looking to buy at the moment. We are getting some funding help from my parents but only after they have sold another property. But it is still fun to look. So that is what I have been doing today. I have been having to fight to stop myself from looking up North, as we don't think that that is going to be possible, so I have keeping my attentions to the Central Belt. And have spotted one that is slightly above what our price range would be but looks like a great candidate. It will also give you followers an opportunity to see the kind of thing we are hoping to purchase.

It has a small amount of land which could possibly be utilised although its potential would probably be more apparent with an actual viewing. It is not as big a property as I would hope for but it is not bad. In the area we are looking it is about the average for the money we can spend.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Bit Of Mental Preparation

I decided, shortly before the start of my current job, that, as we weren't in a position to move that I should try and do something to not only prepare myself for the first step into business management but also keep my spirits up. I was beginning to feel like this dream was just out of reach and I would never get there! So I decided that some home schooling was in order. I decided that I would learn book-keeping. At the time I also thought it would look good on the CV too. So I signed up for a home taught book keeping course.

I have been really enjoying it, there is something very satisfying about having your books balance at the end of the question!! I am also sure that it will be most beneficial when I do start to help keep track of all the in and out-goings that are destined to take place. It is possible that I am going to have to go on various courses over the period of my transition but they in themselves are a challenge that I look forward to facing!!

Unfortunately, with the wedding just passed I have had a month of not doing anything with my course but I intend to get back into it with avengance now it is all over!!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Realising The Dream

My dream is, and has been for years, to own a Bed & Breakfast, but with a twist. I have always imagined that people would stay in rooms in the grounds of my home. For example, in wooden chalets or converted farm outhouses - you get the idea. I would also love to incorporate my other passion, horses, into this by at least offering livery and at most an actual trekking centre. I intend to keep things relatively small. Trying to focus on making the accommodation first class and the service the same. My mind races with the possibilities even though I know that it is a long way off and the result of a lot of hard work!

I have had many jobs in the past (Hairdresser's Assistant, Animal Keeper at a Safari Park, Pheasant/Grouser Beater, Book Rep, Council Worker and Retail Management) but none catch my imagination as much as this dream. I can spend an afternoon fantasising about the possibilities. I have no doubt that I have the drive to succeed but there are many things that are standing in my way. I intend to face them all.

Also, with my dream I hope to start a new and solid life for us and our (intended) family. What better surroundings for relaxing after work than a country house with views across the fields. And what nicer environment for children than nature itself? I am keen to rescue some battery hens and have them clucking and pecking about the garden. A vegetable patch and some fruit trees, does anything sound more idyllic? And I strongly believed that it can all be achieved with hard work and will power. It may take years or years and years but I intend to succeed!

Taking with me my new husband (of only 1 month), whose, sometimes irritating, skepticism helps me keep focused I am going to embark on the journey of a lifetime, to hopefully make my life. This blog will allow me to take you with me through the realities of the process and also through the often over-exuberant wanderings of my mind.

Updated 23/08/2009
We finally got our dream house! I cannot believe it! It seemed to take forever to get the house and all the paperwork sorted but we have and now nothing stands in our way... except the electrics, bathroom, plastering and plumbing! But hey! The heating works!!