Thursday, 23 October 2008

Its All Stopped..

Yeah, i know, there hasn't been a post on here for ages and that is due to the fact that we have hit a snag that we, and the rest of the country, weren't ready for! This bloomin' credit crunch fiasco. We don't think it is viable to move at the moment, although we might pick up a bargain! But as our move half depends on the selling of another property, in fact two if you include the fact our house will have to go too, then we can't think about a shift until that is more likely!!

I have to admit this gets me down slightly, as too does the fact that we are having to move further away from our families. I mean it's not like we are emigrating or anything but the idea was to be closer to parents. But the Gods have chosen that we should move further away, probably adding another hour or more onto the journey time.. hmm...


  1. What an awesome dream! I'd love to visit the UK- I was there only for a few hours at the airport but I loved it instantly!

    Please check out my blog. I'd love to get a perspective of a music lover living in the UK!!!!


  2. wow rosie! this is a wonderful dream! i loved scotland a lot when i was studying in england many many years ago... i use to take all my holidays there and wales :) i go back to this very same b&b in drumnadrochit each time and have become friends with the owners there. we still communicate via email now ... after 18 years! i think if you put your positive energy into this, it will work out :) have faith....God bless :)

    p/s i came here via blogcatalog :)
    have a great weekend!


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