Sunday, 27 July 2014

Back and Going Green!

So, it's only been a year! Not that long!  We have been SO busy here on the farm with lots of improvements, additions and still a huge long list of wants, needs and "how are we living without that"s!!

Our first news is pretty major and to be honest the main reason the blog posts dried up!  We have had a new arrival on the farm! Daughter number two was born on April 29th this year. She was another c-section baby (so technically a week early), she was a little bigger than out first, but only by a couple of pounds and still under seven.  We both spent four days in hospital, just like the first time, but this time it was me keeping us in rather than baby.  But our experience in the hospital was MUCH better than last time. It seemed like the whole place had just chilled out, no people trying to (literally) force baby to breastfeed, no forcing me to wake up every three hours to wake up and force feed a non-hungry baby!  They just left us to it and we were fine, it was great!  Even though I had my first experience of reflux/heart burn.  I've never had it before so when I woke up with a burning in my throat and feeling like I wanted to be sick I was terrified! It's almost embarrassing now!

So, the new baby has been taking up a lot of time, but we are getting back in the swing of things.  Work has pretty much finished on the extension, we are now moved in, although there is various decorating that still needs to be done, I will do more in detail posts about that later.


With the building work drawing to a close the focus of Realising the Dream will be heading down a new path. I will be focusing more on Going Green!  Sustainable living, self sufficiency, recycling and all the bits in between!  We have started here on the farm with the fitting of our solar panels (more on that later) and we have other projects lined up!  I hope readers, wherever you are will enjoy following along this next stage in our dream and maybe, just maybe, get some inspiration of your own!