Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Going's Slow

As you know we have built the stables but they still require a bit of work before they are ready for allowing people in.  Namely, electrics, water, internal wall in the tack room and various fittings.

We have spoken to an electrician and the quote is acceptable so we are in the process of getting a date set for him to arrive and get started.  Lights, sockets and, while he's at it, putting lights into the garage without the door!

I have however been having fun with my catalogues and have got the first of the fittings for the tack room.  I am trying to be sparing, getting the basics and then seeing what needs to be added as the tack room is in use.  So today my saddle and bridle racks arrived.  Isn't that the most exciting picture you have ever seen?

We are also progressing with the extension to the house.  The new plans are in, which are essentially a request to change the existing planning permission for a second house into just an extension to the existing one; with a few layout changes, obviously.  The extension will consist of a new open plan kitchen / dining area which will lead through to a large family room.  Beyond that, two new bedrooms, a bathroom and a cinema room. 

I cannot wait for the extension.  The new kitchen means I will be able to cook in winter (not that I physically can't at the moment but the current kitchen has no heating and a draft, so whatever the temperature outside is, that's what it is in the kitchen.  Doesn't help when you need room temperature butter!  But does help if you forget to put the milk back in the fridge!) 

It will also mean that we can eat at a table, not off our knees in the lounge!  We do have a dining room but it is also my sewing room, the computer room/office and general dumping ground.  It is also a long walk from the kitchen!  

And the new bedrooms will finally mean we can have guests staying over without the currently compulsory 'would you like the floor or the caravan?'

Its a big job however, and we are only just starting on the journey, the next big step in realising our dream!