Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wanna See In My Abode....

Well, it is finally here I can show you pictures of MY house! I am still grinning about it, until I think of all the work that needs doing, then I pause briefly, think 'Good Grief!' then grin again because it'll be so good seeing it all come together!
First a brief look at some of the out buildings:

Let's Tour the house:

I haven't taken pictures of the two smaller bedrooms. But there are in fact three bedrooms. As you can see there is some fabulous wallpaper on the stairs!! *cough*

I really love the fireplaces, as far as we know that they are all working (definitely the ones in the bedroom and the first sitting room do).
Now we have much work ahead and have already begun planning all that needs doing..


  1. Congratulations!

    Looking at the outside and after that the inside I feel getting more and more happy for you.
    Ofcourse there's lots of work waiting, but it's yours!!

    You're making a new start and I hope it will be the way you have dreamed it would be.

    Right now we're looking through our ways of realising about the same dream.
    In Scotland too.

  2. wow...you have such a lot of working to do...but what an exciting prospect...I do fear if it was mine I would have to strip that hallway paper first..lol...can't wait to hear about all your plans!!


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