Monday, 28 September 2009

Some People Pay a Fortune...

Some people pay a fortune for a good steam bath but I have come up with my own replacement, and it'll help you get stuff done on your renovation at the same time!! Wallpaper Steaming! Yesterday saw us at the house stripping wallpaper and varnish. I was soon a dab hand at the wallpaper steamer (my new toy!) And the Master bedroom is now completely wallpaper free! It does however create a lot of steam and things get toasty near-by! But it certainly did wonders on the bedroom walls and they are now all prepared for... making holes in when the electrician gets started! We managed to fill 7 bin liners (as modelled by my mum here) of wallpaper although that did included the start we made on the hall.

We had originally intended to do as little decorating as possible to save time but having realised how many holes need to be made for all the various tradesmen who need to make amends the decor is going to be ruined anyway so we may as well get the wallpaper off and start a fresh. Means we can really make our own mark on the house as well, which will be great.

Talking of things that are great, we got the kitchen designed and ordered on Saturday and we should be getting it soon. We went for 'no fitting' figuring that with enough people we should be able to work out how to get it put together. We went to B&Q (DIY Store) and got their "20% off kitchens" deal and then as it was a 'promotion' weekend got a further 10% off when we came to buy it! So as it was a decent saving we decided to spend a bit more on the washing machine and tumble dryer for it and get slightly better models. So there we go.. hurray for sales!
The washing machine and dryer are getting delivered direct from Hotpoint so should arrive on Thursday.
It was a tiring weekend but we really feel we have achieved, we are stepping up the pace at the moment just to try and get as much done as we can before the tradesmen start, so it has been invaluable that my dad has been on site pretty much 100% of the time, living in his little caravan!

We now also have a security light and have found the door bell, it was in a drawer! And it sounds terrible!! But I tink I have an idea....


  1. Hooray! Another step closer to the dream!

  2. seems like you're getting quite a lot done......keeping my fingers crossed for the kitchen...don't forget the camera when you're putting it together!!!


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