Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting Myself Organised

So, I decided that I needed to get organised. Well, at least a little less disorganised!  So in true me style I had to get a little creative with this too.  I made myself a nice little "To Do List" and a "Weekly Planner".  I have to admit that I didn't get as creative as it appears, the amazing graphics are courtesy of Graphic Garden.  I LOVE the graphics on this site and I use her free downloads of cards for all my notey needs!  And these amazing graphics are from her websets.  Please check her out next time you need anything cute and cheerful, she makes them all herself!

My "To Do List" is designed for all those tasks that need to be done, the non-everyday repetitive stuff, like painting the hall, finishing the art for Farm Baby's room, that sort of thing.  And I added nice tick boxes to the end so I can have the satisfaction of announcing "DONE" every-so-often.  These are my tasks, they don't include things like dig potato patch as, although I am the gardener, that is a "Whoever-has-the-time" job and also the "whoever-I-can-get-to-do-it-as-it-sounds-like-hard-work" task!

My second list is my weekly list where I am going to note down what day I do certain stuff, hoover, laundry, change bed linen, whatever I can think of, this is the repetitive boring household stuff!  Hopefully this selection of handy lists will mean that I can plan and organise my days a bit better around Farm Baby - who is getting awful big - and the other things (see above!) that I have to do!  At the moment life is chaotic so this may calm it down. 

On a more exciting note I got my new hoover, first time I've had a hoover in about 6 months!  What an exciting Thursday last Thursday was!  What was I doing for the past 6 months?  I hear you ask - I was sweeping - yes, sweeping, the carpets!  So I was happier than anyone should be hoovering last week as it was so quick and easy!!


  1. Sweeping the carpets? I guess that would make one appreciate the luxury of having a vacuum cleaner!

  2. Sweeping carpets is really hard work...I know as I have had to do it too...the trick now is not to overuse your hoover and blow it up.

    Good luck with the planners...i find these no good to me as I get overwhelmed by how much is on them so just decide to sit down and have a cup of tea and read a chapter of my book instead!!


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