Friday, 24 July 2015

Our Sheep Get Their First Haircut

Field Of Sheep
Is It Just Us or Is It Chilly Now!?

Shearing is not a new thing here on the farm, we have always had to shear the goats, but it was still quite exciting getting the girls sheared for the first time. The local shearer came in, as we are just a small flock he brought a kind of put up shearing station rather than hauling in the big trailer affair reserved for the bigger flocks. And bigger sheep!

The ladies were very well behaved and the whole thing didn't take too long. They looked at me the whole time like "Mum, what is this man doing? We don't want to be upside down. Can't we just go back to the field?"

I wondered how they would take to me next time I appeared with a bucket. They had run in as they usually do, that morning, so well behaved! Would they believe me the next time or think that I was up to something again!

We were left with a big bag of wonderful fleeces. I've only ever seen the Angoras fleeces before and our Angoras were grubby beasts!! These sheep fleeces are all relatively clean and in one big piece. And so soft!

Just need to decide what to do with all the fleeces now. Do we get rid of them or use them for ourselves? My spinning, and for that matter knitting, skills are pretty slim! But I am starting out in needle felting so the fleeces could make a lot of little felt whatsits! Or I suppose a wet felted scarf or something!

All Laid Out

At the moment I just like laying them out and looking at them. I absolutely love the dark brown one, I think whatever happens I'm going to keep that one!

Perhaps I could clean them and make sheep fleece stuffed pillows! I wonder if that would work?

There will be further sheep happenings at the end of this week as we go on a trip to try and find ourselves a tup (breeding ram) for our ladies this year.

Due to the stars aligning wrongly the only date I can't do in August is the date that our local sale is! So we have been scouring the country trying to find a gentleman from local breeders. Join me on my Monday update to find out how we get on.



  1. The sheep look so skinny now without their fleece. I have a friend that used to be a big spinner. I remember going camping with here and she brought her hand spindle with her to spin.

  2. I bet they were glad of that haircut with all the heat we've had. The fleeces look wonderful...can't wait to see what you decide to do with them. Will you be learning to shear the sheep yourself in the future??


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