Monday, 29 June 2009

Salad and Corn

You may remember a long time ago that I started off on the challenge of growing some fruits and vegetables. As an attempt to link the gap between the current house and the new one. And as I didn't want to get into too much over the top landscaping in a house we were about to leave I went for growing things in pots. Well it has all been a great success!!

You may well remember the 'Lettuce and the Ants' post. Well, after rescuing the lettuce seedlings from the ants and bringing them inside you can see that they have really appreciated it! We now have a great supply of mixed salad leaves, and the pot actually makes quite an interesting display for my coffee table!!

There isn't enough for making a whole salad, I'll admit that but they leaves are great for sandwiches and have already received compliments. It is also very handy having them inside as no hiking down the garden to get a leaf or two!

The other challenge I set myself was to grow Sweetcorn plants in a pot... well.....

They seem to be doing very, very well. I have shocked myself at how easy it has been so far and how well the plants are doing! This is even after a shakey start, like the lettuce. The lettuce may have had ants eating it but the poor sweetcorn, I discovered, that the cat was eating the poor sweetcorn! But they seem to recover and are now doing great. Really hoping that they will produce some corn later in the year.

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