Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Anyone Want to Buy a House?

So, we are getting the estate agent in tomorrow to take pictures of the house. So hopefully, once we get the guy organised for coming in to do the Home Report we should be able to get this bad boy up on the market!

It is all being nicely timed so that it coincides with our holiday in September - you see how that works, yeah? ... no neither did I. But as with everything nothing happens and then it all happens at the same time!! But it is looking good, the place has been valued at more than we paid for it so that is a good sign in this current climate! And we have managed to get the sellers of the new place to accept slightly under the value price as there is some work that needs doing.

More on that...
we got the survey back on the new place seems that there is some water damage and they reckon the whole thing should be treated for woodworm!! Sounded pretty horrendous but turns out it is a precautionary measure as there is signs of past woodworm damage. We are still pretty happy with the place and keen to continue! I am looking forward to being able to post some pictures up of this place but I don't want to jinx it!! Stay tuned to see the pictures... we should get the keys mid August so you'll have to hang on till then!!!

Until then it is mad packing by us and wondering where on earth we got all this stuff and where are we going to put it so the house looks like the show home required in order to sell a property nowadays!!!!

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