Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bug Spray for You - Bug-B-Gone

Thought I would share this little nugget. Some people know this trick others don't so I shall do my part in getting the information out there.

Everyone, at some point, has problems with bugs in their gardens be it black fly, green fly or whatever creepy crawlies take a shine to your prize vegetables or beautiful blooms. Well instead of expensive and "what the heck's in that then" shop bought bug sprays, why not make your own?

Find yourself an old spray bottle, one of those pump-the-handle things, or of course buy a new one, they don't cost much. Fill with plain old tap water and put in the magic ingredient - washing up liquid. Not too much, just a decent squirt, shoogle it up a bit and there you have it, instant bug spray.

I use it on everything, and the best bit is not only is it cheap but it is also inexhaustable... as long as you have washing up liquid. The plants don't mind it, and are clean aftewards!
Advice though, as with all watering, don't spray the leaves before the sun gets on them, just incase it causes burning.
Seems to kill ants too, just so you know..

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