Monday, 9 November 2009

The Big Day Arrived!!! & the 100th Post!!

So, the day finally came and we were ready to move! Friday night we picked up the van and squeezed it down our little town centre street. We had to park it up on the pavement as there isn't anywhere near enough room for it on the road AND for people to be able to drive by! It was dark by the time we got it to the house, the nights are really drawing in at the moment, but we still set about filling it up with household offerings! There was just the two of us on that first night so it took us a good couple of hours to load the back sufficiently to stop it all sliding about on the 50 minute journey to the new place. We trundled off down the motorway through the roadworks with signs declaring with an air of smugness "Major Roadworks - Delays possible for 2 years" followed by the 'doesn't help a bit' signs at the end assuring us that they 'Apologise for any delays'. These are roadworks that I will have to contend with every day now on my new trip to work!

My mum and dad awaited us at the farm willing to off load the gar into the sheds and house. We weren't able to put as much into the house as we had first thought because the plasterers were coming on Sunday to begin and it was deemed safer to keep the stuff outside rather than risk "The Dust"!
Saturday morning the pair of us filled another load into the van and it was sent on it's merry way to the Farm. I remained at House A to do further packing and some cleaning and to await the arrival of Moving Helper 1. When she arrived we set about doing, yes, you guessed it, more packing and the dreaded job of cleaning the kitchen! I can honestly say in about 3 years there I have cleaned the oven about once! (My mum cleans it whenever she arrives, which is odd as she has never cleaned her own she says, my aunt does that! That must be some kind of family tradition, you never clean your own oven!)
The van returned with Moving Helper 2 ensconced, we were now up to 5 helpers overall. Everyone headed back to the farm with this load of goodies, mainly the stuff from the attic - all that "ohhhhhh... that's where it went!!" stuff. After unloading this load when we got to the farm we got down to the serious business of celebrating Bonfire Night! Yes, I know we were a few days late but you've got to live dangerously! So it was burgers and bonfire and a few rockets on the top of our little hill on Saturday night.
Sunday was an early morning start as we needed to get the bed up the stairs before the plasterers started getting down 'n' dirty in on the stairs. As it happened they were half an hour late so we had plenty of time. After this there was only one more trip required to empty the house completely. It looks quite weird with nothing in it, I suddenly remember what it looked like when we first moved in! People have asked whether I will miss it and at the moment, no I don't, but I think that may be because it hasn't quite sunk in yet that I won't be going back!
The cats made there way to the farm on the last trip and they are a mixture of scared, interested and relieved. They are certainly happy to find out what happened to all their stuff, they were getting most disgruntled that we were stealing all their furniture.
We had our first night in the new house and had no heating! The plasterers wanted the heating off for a day to stop the plaster drying too fast and cracking! So it was a chilly night, a couple of blankets and a couple of cats to keep us warm!
There will be more updates soon but access to the Internet is limited at the moment, must get that all set up.

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  1. congrats on finally moving into your new house. It sounded like a busy weekend but at least you moved in with a BANG on fireworks forward to seeing the house with some furniture in!!


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