Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Plant a Tree!

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Thanks to Allotments for You I have decided to join the online phenomena (Yes, I think it could be called that!) that is Ponzi!

With this scheme you show the badge (left) on your blog and for every badge posted Pozi will plant a tree. For every CLICK on a badge they will also plant a tree! I figure that this is a reasonable scheme to get involved in!!

We are looking to plant some trees around the ol' farmstead so I thought why not get involved with a nationwide scheme - and it is so easy!

So join in if you fancy it!!

So what has been going on? Well, we still don't have an Internet at home, which is why the posts are few and far between, but we are preparing for Christmas. I have been baking in the kitchen and I will share those wonders with you in due course! We have also been desperately trying to get the dining room decorating so we can start decorating the house with Christmas Decorations, still haven't got a tree up yet!!

It is starting to get pretty frosty here, the frost usually doesn't even have time to melt before the next wave sets in and snow has supposedly been forecast for later this week. Quite looking forward to that!!

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