Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Every Orchard Starts with One Tree

Last year we 'claimed' the top of our field as an area that we would use for ourselves.  And we quickly decided that some fruit trees would be amazing.  Our own little orchard.  Well it has taken us until this past weekend to actually do anything about it!  A chance trip to a local garden centre for lunch supplied us with our first tree, chosen by Farm Guy.

The new Victoria plum tree has been given pride of place right in the middle of where our new orchard will be!

Apparently it takes five trees to make an orchard. In our case it's one!!


  1. The definition I use for an orchard is ... any land where a fruit bearing tree is planted solely for human consumption.

    So that's my garden then and definately your orchard too.

    Just about to read some more of your blog. Looks great!



  2. Looks like a good start to me! There's lots of bargain fruit tree's around and the moment so you may be able to pick up a few more before long... :)

  3. I guessed I have an orchard...I got 12 fruit trees and 4 fruit bushes...I never knew that...:))

  4. It is a very nice looking tree.....don't be too long before you buy another though as you will need another flowering fruit tree close by to help pollination to give you nice fruit!1


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